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Assess your eligability

To be eligible for Program Financial Supports for Apprentices, you must:

  • Be legally eligible to work in British Columbia.
  • Be a registered Apprentice with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) of BC.
  • Have an Industry Training Authority (ITA) Registration Number.
  • Be working less than 20 hours a week (or not at all), while attending your course.
  • Attend an ITA designated training course with an ITA designated Training Provider.
  • Meet eligibility criteria as an EI Client*.
  • Apply for Employment Insurance Benefits through Service Canada.

*To be eligible for Program Financial Supports for Apprentices as an EI Client, the client must meet the individual program eligibility criteria and meet the definition of EI Client as defined under the Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA), which is based on Section 58 of the EI Act.

EI Client as defined by the LMDA means an unemployed person who, when requesting assistance under the Employment Program of British Columbia:

  1. is an Active EI Claimant; or
  2. had a benefit period that ended within the previous 36 months; or
  3. had a benefit period established for him or her within the previous 60 months;
    1. was paid parental or maternity benefits under the EI Act
    2. subsequently withdrew from the labour force to care for one or more of their newborn children, or one or more children placed with them for the purpose of adoption and
    3. is seeking to re-enter the labour force

If a client is on an Active EI Claim they must have a referral under Section 25 of the EI Act to be able to collect EI Part I benefits while participating in any employment service.

For detailed Section 25 information go to:

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Industry Training Authority:

Service Canada: